About the Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Program in Sarasota

Dr. Scionti has created a holistic, natural program specifically designed to help men get their erections back and improve their sexual experience.

After a full Men’s Health evaluation, a personalized treatment plan will be developed for each man.

Dr. Stephen Scionti is a nationally recognized, Board Certified Urologist with 29 years of experience in the Urology and Men’s Health field. Prior to relocating to Sarasota, Florida in 2014, he was Clinical Associate Professor of Urology at New York University School of Medicine and was on staff at NYU Langone Medical Center. Dr. Scionti sees patients from around the world who travel to Sarasota for his expertise in using advanced techniques to diagnose and treat prostate cancer.

Treatment options may include:

·Tissue Regeneration “SoftWave” therapy

·Concentrated growth factors supplementation

·Dietary Supplementation to increase blood flow

·Bioidentical Hormone Support (hormone-balancing support for men)

·Lifestyle Counseling

Scientific Basis of the SPC ED program:

Although there are multiple cases of ED, the root cause in many patients is decreased blood flow into the penis and the failure of the erect penis to trap the blood in the erectile chambers and maintain erection.

The tissues of the erectile chambers ( also known as the cavernosal bodies) are lined by cells that are derived from blood vessels (endothelial cells). These specialized cells are very important in the chain of events that leads to an erection. These cells release nitric oxide, a chemical signal that increases blood inflow and allows the erectile chambers to fill with blood. When the chambers become filled with blood, the veins that allow blood to drain out of the penis are compressed, trapping blood in the penis and maintaining an erection. The chambers are also lined by “spongy tissue”. As the name suggests, the “spongy tissue” expands in size when full of blood, like a “sponge”.

Many disease process such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, smoking, and natural aging, damage these tissues in the penis and cause shrinkage and dysfunction of these cells.

EF-1 is a natural supplement that promotes increased levels of the chemical signal, nitric oxide which allows for blood flow into the erectile chambers. Increasing nitric oxide increases blood flow.

Tissue regeneration refers to the regeneration of blood vessels as part of the “healing process”. Soft wave therapy applies pulses of energy that cause very low levels of cell trauma in order to mimic an injury and cause the target tissues to release their own natural growth and healing factors(chemical signals) that allow for tissue healing. Thus, growth and healing factors are essential for tissue healing and regeneration.

The EF Regen supplement contains growth and healing factors derived from the “velvet” of elk antlers. Elk antlers regenerate or grow up to 1.5 inches a day and the velvet (or living growth layer of the antler) contains a very high concentration of growth factors. Naturally, the elk is not harmed during the harvest of the velvet as his antlers are painlessly clipped. Many clinics utilized PRP or platelet rich plasma, also rich in growth factors, which is derived from your own blood. PRP is often injected into the penis after a pulse wave treatment, However, PRP only lasts a very short time in the penis and the growth factors in PRP are very temporary.

Since the healing and the regenerative process occurs over the course of months, it is essential to continually supply the healing penile tissue with growth and healing factors over several months and not by just a single injection into the penis. Our program, which does NOT require injections, allows for an intense supplementation period daily in the first 30 days (daily liquid supplement taken by mouth), and then longer term over 3 months, with application of a cream rich in growth and healing factors, applied to the penis. This program does NOT use stem cells. The purpose of stem cell injection is to increase the activity of growth factors in the penis by injecting cells derived from your own fat or from animals or other humans. These cells must be injected, but are washed away from the penis by normal blood flow and thus are short lived.

It is important to understand that tissue regeneration or healing takes several weeks to months, but is an important component of recovering erectile function.

How Does SoftWave Technology Work?


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

What can I expect during my first visit?

A Men’s Health consultation at SPC includes:


  • Detailed Health history
  • Lifestyle/ Diet /Exercise
  • Sexual health
  • Prostate health and risk factors
  • Heart health and risk factors
  • Physical exam
  • Laboratory evaluation


Insurance Coverage:

Office consultations and visits are covered by Medicare and commercial insurance plans, if in network. SPC participates with Medicare and most commercial insurance plans.

Many of our personalized treatment plans are not covered by Medicare or commercial insurance.

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